Saturday, September 8, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions - MSN Messenger and similar programs

1) Why do you use the avatar you currently use?

Because I like nuclear weapons.

2) You've banned me! Why?

Depends. If you've behaved foolishly, then you are to blame. You can only email me if you wish.

3) I can send you whatever I want to send you, right?

Hahaha! No, you can't. You can and will be banned if you behave foolishly.

Monday, July 9, 2007


Those who read my posts about CO2 surely consider me to be an ecomoron who believes human-caused climate change is happening. I'd like to explain that I'm aware that human-caused climate change is a lie.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Russian subversives

The British military (and the US Armed Forces) have been weakened by treacherous Western (American and British) politicians, both by serious military spending reductions and by disarmament treaties, at the same time Russia has been strengthening armed forces ever since 1945, except the 1991-1999 period, when Yeltsin was president. And even at that time the Russians were hostile to Westerners. Since 1961 Russia has also been supporting non-European states against the US. As Russia is more powerful than the EU, it will ultimately somehow conquer, militarily or not, the European Union.

The timeline:

1963 - The Limited Test Ban Treaty was signed by either Harold Macmillan or Alec Douglas. Whichever of them did so committed treason, as the LTBT, as the name suggests, forbids nuclear testing, except underground. This, as well as other so-called peace treaties and European treaties, was signed illegally, and the Treason Act of 1795 names the punishment: the death penalty, abolished by Blair 9 years ago. Of course, the Russians, who signed the teaty too, have violated it many times.

1970 - the Nonproliferation Treaty, signed by either Harold Wilson or Edward Heath, while allows the BM to have nuclear weapons, was a treaty signed with the Russians, thus misleading the British voters that the Russians were credible, which they were not. Russia has violated this treaty before 1991 - the Soviet Military gave some nukes to the Polish Armed Forces. And remember that the NPT was signed illegally.

1990-1997 The pseudoconservative government reduced the British nuclear arsenal instead of increasing it, and reduced military expenditures.

1997 - Tony Blair reduced the British nuclear arsenal instead of increasing it. He has also ratified the Chemical Weapons Treaty, thus forbidding the BM to use chemical weapons, even though the Russians and the North Koreans have them and do not intend to disarm themselves.

Since 1997 - Tony Blair has been weakening all three branches of the BM by reducing the size and the number of ships and planes, as well as issuing the BM with inappropriate equipment like Rover jeeps. Since 1997, the Army has been cut by 8,000 people, the Air Force by 16,000 people, and the Navy by 11,000 people. All of the British army personnel could be seated at the new Wembley Stadium, the Royal Navy has less vessels than the German Navy (severely reduced by post-1991 spending cutters), and the Air Force has less attack planes than the AF Museum. Ships sold unnecessarily to foreigners included Type 22 and Type 23 frigates - universal ships capable of defending other ships (or themselves) against any enemy.

1998 - Tony Blair repealed two Treason Acts shortly before he was supposed to be sentenced. Had he (Blair) not repealed those 2 Treason Acts, the jury would have declared them guilty and recommended capital punishment. Although Blair was tried for signing the Amsterdam Treaty, justice for signing 'peace treaties' and weakening the British military would have been served anyway.

2003 - The MOD has ordered 232 EF-2000s to replace Jaguars. This order is flawed for two reasons. First: the Jaguar is a bomber, and the EF-2000 is a fighter. Secondly, had the MOD ordered 232 F-35Bs instead, it would have cost it 50% less, and F-35Bs are better. This is just one example of how the MOD wasted much money on Europrestige programs rather than weapons which the British military needs. If you wish to know more, please read:

2005 - HMS Invincible, the flagship of the Royal Navy, was prematurely mothballed, even though the replacement will not be commissioned until 2012.

2006 - the Ministry of Defence issued the tanker contract to the failed European company EADS, to replace L-1011 and three-engine VC10 tankers (which the AF would prefer to use instead of the planned replacements, the A330MRTT tankers). EADS is just a europrestige organisation that would be disbanded by 1971 had it not been for its sugar daddies. It was not until Ted Heath agreed to pay subsidies to EADS (founded 1970) that Britain was allowed to join the EU. Britain, by then one of the poorest European countries, would have been the EU's #1 net contributor, had it not been for the rebate negotiated 23 years ago. So Britain is now #2.

November 2006 - The KGB was able to enter Britain and murder a British citizen, Alexander Litvinenko, who was poisoned. This was the worst security failure since the last IRA bombing.

March 2007 - The Parliament voted to replace the current British nuclear arsenal, as well as submarines and missiles, however, it has also decided to reduce the arsenal by 20 warheads, to 180. 95 socialist MPs committed treason (they voted against the replacements of the currently used SLBMs).

April 2007 - The RN was humiliated when 15 sailors were kidnapped by the Iranians. The Iranians were able to do so because Blair forbid the RN to fight the Iranian Navy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

China is now the #1 CO2 emitter

China will next year become the #1 CO2 emitter.

The claim that the Americans and the Brits are guilty is false. The Chinese nevertheless continue to lie that G8 nations, not them, are guilty.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Tories

David Noakes claims that Edward Heath was the second-worst British traitor because he signed the 1972 ECSC Treaty. He also claims that the Conservative Party has been controlled by the EU since the 1960s, and the Labour Party and the Liberal Party since the 1980s. He is wrong.

Firstly, Edward Heath did sign the 1972 ECSC Treaty, but Britain became a member state of the EU because of an application submitted to Brussels by Harold Wilson, not Edward Heath, 1969.

Secondly, the Labour Party and the Liberal Party too, like the Conservative Party, have been controlled by the EU since the 1960s. Already 40 years ago all three were pro-EU parties. Harold Macmillan (a Tory) was the first British PM to submit an application to Brussels (he did so 1961), but Harold Wilson was the second, he submitted an application 1963. Like the first one, it was vetoed by Charles de Gaulle, the then French president. After CDG resigned 1969, Harold Wilson, as I already wrote, submitted the third British application.

Conclusion: the Labour Party, the Liberal Party and the SNP cannot be trusted. The Conservative Party can. The Tories just need to sack their Europhile leader.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Why Stavros Dimas is stupid

When George Bush announced his anti-GW-plan, Stavros Dimas labeled it as 'unambitious'. I could write an article about why this ungrateful chump should not criticise the president of the nation that defended his nation for 60 years, but because the plan announced by George Bush was about GW, I will now only comment about the European anti-GW-plan.

The European anti-GW-plan, announced 3 months ago, obliges EU member nations to reduce CO2 emissions by 20%. I'm curious: why should I believe that EU member nations will comply? No Polish coal-fired electric plant will be closed, according to that plan, and the Germans plan to build 26 coal-fired EPs.

Why anti-G8 protestors are stupid

G8 member nations were often blamed for global warming. But anyone who has read the real CO2 emissions statistics knows that anti-G8 protestors are stupid. As this table indicates, all G8 member nations combined are responsible only for 50% of the quantity of CO2 that humanity emits. And unlike the Chinese and the Hindis, the Brits, the French, the Germans and the Italians, as EU citizens, promised to, and are obliged to, reduce CO2 emissions. The Chinese and the Hindis neither promised nor are obliged to reduce CO2 emissions.